Passion, entrepreneurship and perfectionism form the ideal terroir for quality. Add the noble nebbiolo grape with its authentic Italian temperament and you get a perfect blend for a top-notch wine. Taste the result of a long quest 8 friends embarked on, in search of the ultimate balance between power and elegance.



The Bramaterra region covers a vast area of hills, dominated by wild flora and fauna. The thick woods, rich in oak, chestnut and birch trees, extending for dozens of kilometers, keep it a scarcely populated area. Its vineyards rise up from 200 to 600 meters above sea level.

Bramaterra is characterized by soils of volcanic origin that vary from red porphyry disintegrated by the prolonged actions of atmospheric agents and alluvial sediments of the Sesia river, with fragments of clay and sand. The acid soils offer an ideal opportunity for the wine to age to a fully mature character.